At ITN we speak your language.
Our translation services cover a wide range of languages, including, but not limited to, Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
Our broad expertise ranges from general translations to the most technical, and from sworn (legal) services to website translation.
This expertise is backed by solid experience of working with clients in wide-ranging sectors, including legal, oil and gas, law, medicine, telecom, finance, etc.

From the general
General translation needs are those where no specialist terminology is involved, but which still require the skills of a professional translator.
At ITN your general translation needs are always serviced by a native speaker of the target language.

…to the most technical
Technical translation needs are those requiring terms specific to a trade or industry, where specialized knowledge is required to complete the translation, such as for guidelines, regulations, instruction manuals and more.
ITN has in-depth expertise in handling technical translations across wide-ranging subject areas and industries.
At ITN your technical translation needs are always serviced by a native speaker of the target language and with a solid understanding of the relevant industry.

At the speed you need
We understand in today’s fast-paced business world that speed is everything, and therefore offer an urgent express service for translations to be completed on a real-time basis, within the hour, or on the same day.
Particularly useful for those urgent, spur-of-the-moment emails, faxes or reports, our express service is your go-to solution to keep your business efficient and professional.

With guaranteed quality
ITN prides itself on its professional approach and is your trusted partner for quality results. Implementing a thorough quality control process is key to our working process and includes a final proofreading by a native speaker and subject matter expert, ensuring every translation reaches you with absolute satisfaction.


As a specialized field, interpreting services require expertise combined with professionalism, and this is the hallmark of ITN.

We have vast experience of providing interpreting services in all major languages, including, but not limited to, Arabic, English, French, Italian,  Spanish and Portuguese.

These services are offered in three key categories: simultaneous, consecutive and liaison, each one targeted to the type of event and interpreting required:

Conferences, seminars, legal hearings, diplomatic meetings and more may require simultaneous interpreting so that a speaker’s words can be conveyed with total fluency simultaneously, i.e. with as little delay as possible, to listeners through headphones.

Based on the high level of concentration required, simultaneous interpreters usually work in pairs, alternating in 20 to 30 minute segments.

Press conferences, presentations, smaller diplomatic gatherings and more may require consecutive interpreting, whereby a speaker’s words are interpreted during pauses or at the end of the speech.

In consecutive interpreting the interpreter takes notes and relays the speech face to face without the use of headphones.

Business trips, trade fairs, interviews, legal meetings and more may require liaison interpreting, whereby two or more people, often fluent in different languages, rely on the skills of an interpreter to facilitate communication.

In liaison interpreting the interpreter must have knowledge of the subject fields being discussed and be able to liaise in a spontaneous, flexible manner to manage a smooth understanding between parties.




Effective, compelling online and offline copy is no longer a desire but a must-have in today’s world.

A business needs professional copywriting to engage its target audience, drive its brand and deliver results.

Nowhere is this truer than in the online world where successful copywriting is essential for search engine optimization and standing out from the crowd.

At ITN our team of talented and experience copywriters put their expertise to work in the language of your choice to create the right message for the right audience.

Proof reading & Editing

Leveraging ITN’s vast expertise in languages and communication, our proofreading and editing services are designed to enhance and perfect your copy, whether for documents, websites, official letters, brochures, reports, or more.

Using native language specialists with an eye for detail and flair for language, your requirements for proofreading and editing are safe in our hands.

Proof reading & Editing